• traurig: Flasguns Trennung

    Meines Erachtens eine der Newcomer-Bands des fast abgelaufenen Jahres überhaupt, mit Ihrem tollem Debut-Album "Passion Of A Different Kind", wird es nicht mehr geben:

    Die Flashguns haben gestern völlig überraschend ihre Auflösung bekannt gegeben.

    "We regret to tell you that we have decided to end Flashguns. After five years it's come to a point where we feel like we need to move on as musicians and people. We have loved every minute of it, but this feels like the right decision. We are sure many people will be disappointed, especially after the recent release of our debut album. All we can say is that when we started this band we wanted it to last forever, but unfortunately that is no longer possible. We hope you will continue to enjoy our music and thank you to all those who have supported us over the years. The Berlin show on February 4th 2012 will be our last.

    Sam, Giles and Olly"

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